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I feel hopeless. I feel very frustrated. Yes, most people would say if you can’t beat them, join them. Hell no. There is no way in hell that I would join them even though it somehow beats the crap out of me. It is not as if i l don’t like my job. It is […]

Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes type 2 is slightly different than diabetes type 1. People with this type is that their pancreas produces insulin, but their cells don’t use it as well as they should. This is called insulin resistance. In the beginning, the pancreas creates a lot of insulin. This is to absorb sugar into the cells to […]

Conversion units

WEIGHTS 30 grams = 1 oz 250 grams = 8⅓ oz 480 grams = 16 oz / 1 pound 600 grams = 1 pounds and 4 oz 1kg = 2 pounds and 1⅓ oz Liquid 30ml = 1 oz liquid 120ml = 4 oz liquid 240ml = 8 oz liquid 480ml = 16 oz liquid […]

May 24

Sambal egg (4 to 5 pax)

Sambal is a spicy sauce made from a mixture of variety of chili peppers adding on to other ingredients e.g shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, onions. The taste can be adjusted by the quantity of the chilli itself. In Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, people add in soaked dried chillies and bird’s eye […]

May 23

Cheesy cream mussels

Easy recipe for teens and singles. Perfect for dinner events. If you can’t get parmesan cheese in your area, u can explore using other types of cheese. You may also substitute cooking cream with evaporated milk. Do not add salt to the dish as parmesan cheese is already sufficient for its salty taste. Preparation time […]