I feel hopeless. I feel very frustrated. Yes, most people would say if you can’t beat them, join them. Hell no. There is no way in hell that I would join them even though it somehow beats the crap out of me. It is not as if i l don’t like my job. It is fast paced. It is worth it when your hard work is recognized by the smile of the customers face. You will feel happy when you see people praising you after eating your food. You feel proud and over the moon when people recognized you outside and asked how was your day even though they don’t know your name.

However, I am not going to rant about customers. I am ranting about the people at work. There are the gossip mongers, attention seekers, the quiet ones etc. you named it, my workplace has it. The best part is, they are not local. 95% are not locals. My workplace force has people from China, Malaysia. Malays, Indians, Chinese.

There is this one guy. He is the most annoying attention seeker ever. I don’t know what is wrong with him. Every time he entered the work place, out the sudden, the workplace aura became so dark. He would come in with a gloomy face. He would start to be sarcastic as fu** to the staff there. Both him and me spoke the same language so it is not hard to understand.

I didn’t noticed the change until a month ago. He was being mad for some reason and it is hard for him to let go. He became the most egoistic prick and just demand attention. He would expect the staff to come up too him just to tell him that the food ran out and he would take his sweet time to cook and prepare it. My store is running a home delivery service, drive through, dine in and take aways inclusive of catering. The other staff can cook however, we have a lot of things to do as we multi task.

With his own sweet time, MY orders would always be running late and customers would end up waiting. My outlet is a fast food outlet so everything needs to be fast. When the other staff wanted to give him a a hand, he would refuse. His ego is up to the sky, infinity and beyond!!

Would be needing earplugs soon