Diabetes Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is one of the major illness in the world. Be it young and old, some of us get diabetes due to inhereditary. It is not something that we gladly could come to terms with but we have to adapt to it. This type of diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin. Onset often occurs in childhood, but the disease can also develop in adults at a later age.

The common symptoms are:

  1. Frequent urination
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Itchy skin
  4. Increased hunger / weight loss drastically
  5. Slow healing of the wound
  6. Yeast infection
  7. Drowsy
  8. Lethargic
  9. Nauseous
  10. Feeling of numbness
  11. Fruity or sweet smelling breath

Most people tend to dismiss this signs as they have no clues if their body are actually giving them warning about their health. Visions plays a big part too as it will effect the eye’s vision. People may just pass it as a thought that they only need spectacles or astigmatism. They may also pass it off as tiredness after a whole day of work and school and drink energy sweet drinks.

They may also think that they are very hungry as they are into sports and activities. For a healthy human being, after sufficient rest, their body will not be tired anymore. For diabetics, we get tired very easily. Irregardless of doing activities or not. Diabetics get tired all the time as sugar is not converted into energy for the proper usage.

Please go for a check up if you have any of this symptoms just to rule diabetes out of your life.