I feel hopeless. I feel very frustrated. Yes, most people would say if you can’t beat them, join them. Hell no. There is no way in hell that I would join them even though it somehow beats the crap out of me. It is not as if i l don’t like my job. It is […]

Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes type 2 is slightly different than diabetes type 1. People with this type is that their pancreas produces insulin, but their cells don’t use it as well as they should. This is called insulin resistance. In the beginning, the pancreas creates a lot of insulin. This is to absorb sugar into the cells to […]

Diabetes Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is one of the major illness in the world. Be it young and old, some of us get diabetes due to inhereditary. It is not something that we gladly could come to terms with but we have to adapt to it. This type of diabetes occurs when the body is unable to […]

June 08

Black Pepper Beef

Beef is a source of high-quality protein and needed nutrients. Consuming it will also help to strengthen and sustain body. It provides the body with protein, zinc, vitamins B12, B6, iron and selenium. Eating adequate amounts of it can build up strong muscles. It is essential for diabetics as diabetics tend to lose muscle mass […]

June 06

Sick of it

I am currently tired. I woke up to an unexpected cramps on both of my legs. The nerves made my legs too straight and I can’t even move it. The pain was too much that I can’t even hold back my tears. The pain was excruciating. I didn’t went to the doctors though as no […]